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The Discussions and Announcements redesign will be enforced starting the beginning of Summer 2024. This feature update enhances the Canvas experience within Discussions and Announcements including user interface updates and new Discussions functionality, with no existing functionality for Discussions or Announcements being lost.

User Interface Updates

The Announcements redesign includes minor updates to the user interface while retaining its functionality unchanged. There have been no alterations to the process of creating or posting Announcements.

Here are highlights of the user interface design for Discussions and Announcements:

  • The toolbar has been relocated to the top of the page, facilitating search, filtering, and setting viewing options (Inline or Split Screen).
  • Sorting options (from Newest to Oldest, or Oldest to Newest) allow users to reorder posts with the default showcasing the latest replies at the top of the page.
  • Instead of expand/collapse buttons for viewing replies, users now have the choice to view replies in Inline or Split Screen modes. For Inline view, a new button to Expand or Collapse replies is accessible within the top toolbar.
  • Subscribe button has been replaced with a bookmark icon.
  • The Filter option has transitioned from a Read/Unread button to a drop-down selection.
  • Role labels for Teachers & TAs are now automatically displayed for topics and replies they contribute.

New Features for Discussions

Here are the new features included in the Discussions redesign:

  • Initiate Anonymous Discussions with the choice of full anonymity or partial (optional) anonymity.
  • Users have the capability to mention (@) other users enrolled in the course, enhancing the social and interactive nature of discussions.
  • Users can quote another reply while composing their own.
  • Instructors have the option to permit students to report replies deemed inappropriate, offensive, or problematic.
  • Instructors possess the ability to access the Edit History, providing a record of all versions of a student’s post in case of edits.

Additional Information

The following links provide additional information and documentation about the redesigned tools:

As always, you can reach out to CIRT (cirtlab@unf.edu) with any questions or to request a personalized consultation.

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