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Presence refers to an impression of community connectedness, togetherness, and awareness created by expressing strategic thoughts, feelings, and actions through an online medium. How will you convey your instructor presence to students?
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Whether your course is face-to-face, hybrid, or fully online, maintaining clear and consistent avenues of communication is paramount to student success. Canvas incorporates a variety of features that can be used to disseminate information, and the Canvas Inbox can be leveraged to facilitate two-way communication between instructors and students.
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Cultivating instructor presence is essential to successfully facilitating an online course. Many instructors communicate their expectations to students through weekly reminder announcements, grades, and performance feedback. While these standard forms of correspondence certainly contribute to instructor presence, Canvas offers a number of convenient features that can be used to enhance learner-instructor interactions and open lines of communication in an online course.
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Facebook is known for keeping up with friends, but how about with students and school? Share updates for your class and students by updating status, posting photos, and engaging with your academic community.
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The Distance Learning Committee developed the 9 Principles for Online Teaching to establish best practices for online teaching at UNF.
Suggestions for new and established faculty at UNF intended to help get the ball rolling for a new term. Learn about course copying, enrollment, templates, class communication, and more!
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