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Upcoming courses generally become available in Canvas the same day the course schedule is released for the particular semester. To save time and effort it is common practice to copy the content from a previous course into a new course. The Instructure Community’s article on copying course content walks through the process step-by-step. And, of course, CIRT is always here to assist!

While instructors may add additional users such as other teachers or TAs, they cannot add students to term-based courses. External users can be added with a few specific steps. Explore our articles on Term-Based Course Enrollment and External Users to learn more. If you need to reach out, CIRT is always here to assist!

Instructors are permitted to combine course sections in Canvas, but there are implications to consider when combining courses in Canvas that are not also cross-listed on the course schedule. Read our article on combining course sections to learn more. And, when you have additional questions, CIRT is always here to assist!

Canvas’ “New Analytics” feature allows instructors to really drill down into different aspects of student activity in a course. For a higher-level overview, instructors can view the Course Access Report for individual students. Take a look a these Instructure resources, but remember – CIRT is always here to assist!

While there are a few different ways that narrated presentations can be added to Canvas, our top recommendation is to add them to Canvas Studio. If you have already added narration using the embedded tools in the PowerPoint (or similar) application, you can export the presentation as a video and upload it. If you need to record your narrations, you can use the Canvas Studio screen capture option to page through the presentation as you provide a voice-over. For Mac users, Keynote offers the same functionality. Refer to our collection on Canvas Studio to learn more. And, of course, CIRT is always here to assist!

For timed quizzes, you can allow extended time for individual students. You do need to keep in mind that the quiz time limit and the “available until” time in the quiz settings are mutually exclusive. The availability window trumps all else – so if you extend the timer you just need to make sure the availability window is open long enough to incorporate the extra time. CIRT is happy to help you double check all of these settings, so please don’t hesitate to reach out!

Extra credit is currently not a default option in Canvas. However, you can give students extra credit using a variety of options. See this Canvas Guide on giving extra credit in a course. As always, feel free to reach out to CIRT to discuss the best option for your course!

We are always happy to help assist you the best way that we can and as fast as we can. However, there could be times when CIRT is closed and you need urgent assistance that cannot wait. If an after-hours circumstance ever does arise, there is a way you can contact 24/7 Canvas Support with either a live chat or a hotline phone number.

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