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If you are experiencing an issue that CIRT hasn’t yet reported, you may want to double-check the ITS Helpdesk or scroll through the third-party status feed below. Sometimes, third-party tools self-report on issues before we catch wind.

If you need additional support, or if you are experiencing an issue unrelated to this page, please contact us at cirtlab@unf.edu (904-620-3927).

Updates & Information

This Status Page contains technical notifications related to Canvas, its integrations, and third-party tools often used by UNF instructors. Scroll down for more…

Important Notification

The following Fall 2018 courses will be deleted during the May 2024 intersession:

Fall 2018
Fall 2018 – First Half
Fall 2018 – Second Half

Term-based courses created in UNF’s Canvas LMS are retained for five years after the end of the term in which the course section was offered. Once the retention period passes, the term-based course is deleted during the next intersession, including all content and records of student activity.  

Questions about the Canvas Data and Account Retention Policies can be directed to cirtlab@unf.edu. Read more about UNF Canvas Policies on the CIRT website.

2024-03-25 18:29:05
Release Notes

Our partners at Top Hat have recently introduced a new “quality of life” change to its Question Builder feature. Its designed to bring greater ease and flexibility to the question generating and editing process. It is currently available to all Top Hat faculty in Pages.

Some of the key difference include:

  • Users are no longer locked into the existing layout of a question and can mix and match elements of a question freely on the page, similar to Top Hat Pages.
  • Users can now apply formatting to all elements of a question including hints and explanations.
  • The way the question looks in the editor is exactly how it will look for students, reducing guesswork.
  • Popular question types like True/False and Likert scale are available as templates to help speed things up, with more templates rolling out over time.

Instructors who wish to learn more about Top Hat can contact CIRT (cirtlab@unf.edu), or they can react out to Top Hat Support by email (support@tophat.com) or through the in-app support button.

2024-03-18 20:13:07
Release Notes

Recently, Instructure has made changes to how users access and navigate Canvas Studio based on internet web browser. As explained in the February 2024 Studio release notes, the Canvas Studio Capture option now provides users with a native screen capture recording experience. This browser-based solution allows users to create content quickly and smoothly, while also eliminating the need to download and install a separate screen capture product. Canvas Studio Capture is currently supported on Chrome and Edge browsers only. Read more about this on our blog post: Introducing Canvas Studio Capture.

2024-03-25 18:28:31

Turnitin – the anti-plagiarism LTI installed in UNF’s instance of Canvas – recently added an AI-Detection feature described by the vendor as having the ability to “evaluate student writing for the presence of AI-generated text.” UNF has not turned this feature on because, while the creators of various AI-Detection tools assert that they can accurately identify AI-generated content with 98% to 99% accuracy, third-party evaluations reveal higher rates of false positives associated with these tools. CIRT’s own internal testing also revealed high rates of false negatives (instances in which tools fail to detect the use of artificial intelligence altogether).

2023-12-15 09:42:09

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The following timeline lists the past 10 resolved incidents.
For additional information on older incidents, please contact cirtlab@unf.edu.

05 April 2024
Canvas Service Degradation
03 April 2024
Canvas Degradation (Resolved)
02 April 2024
Honorlock's Live Chat provider experiencing service outage
14 February 2024
Turnitin Services Incident
14 February 2024
McGraw-Hill Connect Issue
24 October 2023
Issue with Pearson Direct Integration
25 September 2023
Authentication Login Issues
22 June 2023
Turnitin Similarity Report Service Incident
12 May 2023
Issues with Accessing Canvas LMS
22 March 2023
Qualtrics Distribution Issues
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The below RSS feed aggregates recent status-related news from many of the tools used by UNF instructors. The feed is provided for convenience and the information within should be taken with some caution (not everything here may be relevant to our Canvas installation). Furthermore, not every third-party tool provides public status information. So, this list may be incomplete. If you are experiencing issues with a particular product or service, or if you have any questions about updates posted by a third-party, please email cirtlab@unf.edu and let us know.

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