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Canvas Flair – Personalizing Your Course Homepage

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From traditional classrooms to fully online programs and everything in between, the need for versatile, adaptable, and accessible course materials has become more apparent than ever. Regardless of the delivery model, a Canvas course can be used as a central place to house important information, shared documents, or course announcements that students may need to refer to throughout the semester.

Functionality with Pizzazz

Customizing a course home page provides a unique digital space where instructors can include pertinent information about themselves and their course, such as a link to the course syllabus, course objectives, a short bio or introductory video, office hours, and information about the textbook or required materials. Information on the course home page can be quickly updated by the instructor if anything changes, so you can be sure your students always have access to the most relevant information for your course at the click of a button.

Don't be Daunted by Design

Starting from scratch to build your course home page can be a daunting task. CIRT offers a variety of course templates that include custom home page layouts, and we are always happy to assist with importing the template that’s right for you.

Course template options can be viewed on CIRT’s website. Navigate to unf.edu/cirt and select Online Course Templates from the Instructional Design dropdown menu.

Instructional Design webpage menu with Online Course Templates highlighted

Choose the Explore LIVE preview option to view a template in Canvas. As you review, keep in mind that all templates can be modified to fit your individual course needs. If you see a template that you are interested in using, reach out to CIRT to have it imported into the course of your choosing.

CIRT is Here to Help!

As always, CIRT staff is available and happy to advise on how to edit and customize course content so that you can make the most of your digital learning space. Additionally, you may want to check out the official Canvas Guides to read about what you can do with Pages in Canvas, or view the video overview below to learn more about how to customize your course home page.

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