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New Canvas Features (Emojis & More)

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Instructure continues to improve upon Canvas features that enhance the instructor and student experience. The following feature options have recently been turned on within UNF:

  • Emojis in Submission Comments – Instructors and students can add emojis to assignment comments using the emoji icon in the comment box.
  • Confetti for On-Time Submissions – Canvas generates a virtual celebration (on-screen confetti) when students submit assignments on time. If students prefer not to have Canvas display any celebrations, they can choose to hide all celebration animations on their User Settings page. 
  • Confetti for Valid Links – Canvas displays confetti for teachers that run the link validator on a course and no issues are found. This feature can be managed from the User Settings page.
  • Rich Content Editor (RCE) Icon Maker – The Icon Maker allows simple customized iconography to be created directly within the RCE. The icons can be hyperlinked to pages within Canvas or external webpages.
  • Microsoft Immersive Reader – The Microsoft Immersive Reader enhances the reading experience by improving accessibility and boosting reading comprehension. The Microsoft Immersive Reader can be used when viewing the Course Home Page or Syllabus or when viewing an individual assignment or page.

For more information on these features or how to use them, as always, please reach out to CIRT at cirtlab@unf.edu.

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