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This New Quizzes Hub was created by the Online Learning Support team at CIRT to help faculty transition. Because Instructure releases scheduled updates to New Quizzes, we expect that some of the information on this page will change. Please regularly check this Hub if you are using New Quizzes in your courses. And of course, if you need help using or transitioning to New Quizzes, please see the Support section below.

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Exciting changes are on the horizon for Summer 2024! Get ready to elevate your Canvas assessment experience with New Quizzes

This hub has been designed as a one-stop-shop for UNF faculty who wish to use New Quizzes, where you can find news and updates on every step of the New Quizzes rollout, as well as support documentation and training materials that will help you dive in and make the switch from Classic to New Quizzes. Our goal is full transparency. This is a major project that has been highly anticipated for a while, and as such, we want to give the rollout the time and attention necessary to ensure a smooth transition.

The Online Learning Support team at CIRT has developed a phased rollout plan, supported by a tentative transition timeline which can be viewed below. Along with the information hosted on this hub, UNF faculty should expect to periodically receive a “New Quizzes Insider” newsletter (sent via email), that will have specific updates about each phase of the transition, information about product enhancements, and upcoming training opportunities.

CIRT is super excited to roll out this tool, and we look forward to making the New Quizzes journey with you all!

What is New Quizzes?

Canvas New Quizzes is  powerful and flexible quizzing engine designed to increase learning, which offers a modern and intuitive new interface, designed to engage students with effective and accessible assessments. New Quizzes also brings a host of features and enhancements aimed at empowering faculty.

  • More Question Types – New Quizzes offers a wider variety of question types, including categorization, hot spot, ordering, and stimulus questions.

  • Streamlined Workflows – New Quizzes has been designed with a more user-friendly interface, intuitive navigation, and clearer organization. Faculty have greater flexibility in regard to moderating student assessments. Students can be allowed to retake assessments based on items they missed or only access materials they may have been unable to complete due to technical complications.

  • Enhanced Analytics – New Quizzes allow faculty to gain deeper insight into student learning with detailed reports and analytics that pinpoint strengths and areas of improvement for both the student and teacher to review. Additionally, faculty have the ability to link New Quizzes to Canvas Rubrics and/or Canvas Outcomes.

  • Improved Accessibility – New Quizzes provides an inclusive learning experience for all students with built-in accessibility features and support for assistive technologies.

  • Mobile-friendly Design – Students can take assessments on a cellphone or tablet more easily with Canvas New Quizzes.

While Classic Quizzes and New Quizzes share many of the same features, the updated engine functions differently and uses different approaches to aid faculty in assessment development. The most notable difference between Classic and New is that New Quizzes is really a Canvas External Tool Assignment. This means that all of the functionality and limitations of Canvas Assignments apply to New Quizzes; however, a New Quiz still appears in Canvas within the Quizzes tab.

Technical Mumbo-Jumbo 🤓
Canvas New Quizzes is a “quiz engine;” meaning that New Quizzes is an application (LTI) that is embedded into Canvas Assignments that enables both the creation and management of questions. Since New Quizzes is an integrated application, it has a different look and feel. However, it maintains many of the same structures and features you have come to rely on with Classic Quizzes while also adding a variety of new bells and whistles.

Despite technical differences, instructors still have access to most of the features they’re used to (with a few notable limitations). If you’ve found something lacking in New Quizzes and would like us to request the feature on your behalf, let us know by filling out our feedback form or contacting us at

Feature Comparison

Good News! Instructure maintains a feature comparison document that lists all of the features and settings of Classic and New Quizzes side-by-side. The document also contains information about what to expect on the roadmap.


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Making the Transition

As we mentioned, this is a big project and we want to get it right. To that end, we’ve devised a phased rollout where we can tightly monitor the testing, adoption, and training to ensure all faculty are successful in making the transition. The long-term goal is to have all UNF courses fully adopt New Quizzes by Fall 2025 — until then, faculty are free to use new quizzes in tandem with the Classic option. We encourage you to start by testing out New Quizzes in a sandbox. Once you feel comfortable, you can begin incorperating New Quizzes into your actual courses.

Did You Know? Because Classic Quizzes and New Quizzes are entirely different tools, faculty can ease themselves into the transition by using both in the same class. That’s right, both Classic Quizzes and New Quizzes can be used at the same time in the same course!

Transition Timeline

As you can see, we’ve given ourselves plenty of time to work out the kinks and get everyone up to speed on using the new quizzing tool. However, we encourage all UNF faculty to begin using New Quizzes as soon as it becomes available. Ready to dive into the world of Canvas New Quizzes? Below you will find helpful links, documentation, video tutorials, and FAQ’s to get you started!

Testing Begins
CIRT begins internal testing of the New Quizzes LTI to anticipate pain points and ensure expected functionality.
Soft Launch to Faculty
New Quizzes is made available as a Canvas feature option. UNF faculty can choose to use Classic or New Quizzes in tandem.
Assistance & Training
CIRT offers live and on-demand training opportunities for UNF faculty, along with hands-on, individualized help with quiz migration.
Full Adoption
The ultimate goal, pending ongoing testing and training, is to have all UNF Canvas courses using New Quizzes by Fall 2025.
Fall 2023
May 24, 2024
Summer 2024 & Beyond
Fall 2025

Known Limitations

Before you transition, there are some things to keep in mind when migrating Classic Quizzes to New Quizzes. Listed below are some of the current limitations. It is important to note that this list is subject to change frequently as Instructure continues to improve upon New Quizzes functionality and aspires to achieve parity with legacy functions of Classic Quizzes.

  • Currently, there is not a direct way to revert a quiz back to Classic Quizzes once it has been migrated to New Quizzes. Instructors cannot revert a quiz from New Quizzes back to Classic Quizzes; nor can they revert from Item Banks back to Question Banks. However, a faculty member’s original Classic Quizzes and Question Banks are not deleted if they are migrated.
  • While New Quizzes is currently available for some proctoring tools like Honorlock, it does not work for LockDown Browser and Respondus Monitor users. However, LockDown can be used for New Quizzes if you utilize the steps for 3rd party assessments.
  • Respondus 4.0 does not work for Canvas New Quizzes nor Item Banks. This means we cannot create quizzes in Respondus and upload them to Canvas as we do for Classic Quizzes.
  • Quizzes and Question Banks created in Classic Quizzes can be migrated to New Quizzes as a QTI file. However, Respondus 4.0 created QTI files cannot be imported into New Quizzes at this time.
  • New Quizzes does not support partial credit for Ordering and Categorization question types; however, it does support partial credit for Multiple Answer and Matching question types.
  • New Quizzes does not come with the functionality to build Ungraded Surveys or Practice Quizzes. All migrated Ungraded Surveys and Practice Quizzes are transformed into Graded Quizzes. However, faculty can set the New Quiz not to count towards the final grade and this functionality will operate like an ungraded assignment.
  • People enrolled in the course as a Designer cannot edit nor build New Quizzes.
  • After migration to New Quizzes, Multiple Dropdown question types display as Fill in the Blank questions, Text (No Question) question types migrate as Stimulus questions types, and Question Groups within Classic Quizzes migrate as Item Banks in New Quizzes.

Note that the Online Learning Support team at CIRT has been testing New Quizzes for some time now, and we have a few tricks up our sleeve to help faculty who want to use New Quizzes but are running up against these limitations. If you want to know whether a workaround exists, contact us at (904-620-3927). 

Transition Tips

There are a few things to consider before you start your New Quizzes journey. First, we want to encourage you to try out New Quizzes in a sandbox course before creating or migrating any quizzes in a live course. This allows you time to experiment with question types and explore how the current limitations of New Quizzes may impact your course. Once you feel comfortable with the engine, your don’t need to transition immediately. New quizzes is an entirelly different tool than Classic Quizzes, which means you can use both in the same Canvas course. Expermiment by offering just one or two New Quizzes to you students before jumping into the deep end. 

When you’re ready to migrate existing quizzes and/or question banks, there are several ways this can be accomplished. For faculty that feel comfortable going solo, we have collected the steps to migrate from Classic to New Quizzes in a detailed support document on this knowledge base. For faculty who need a bit more support, CIRT offers support and migration services

Instructure Resources

Whether you are a seasoned pro with Canvas or just getting started, navigating a new tool can sometimes feel like exploring uncharted territory. If you’d like to dive in yourself, the resources below will get you started. But, if you’d like to schedule a time to meet with one of CIRT’s Canvas experts, we’re just a click away. Remember, you can always email ( or call (904-620-3927) with questions or concerns as well. We look forward to helping!

Instructure Guides

Now that we’ve learned what New Quizzes is and we understand the limitations, let’s explore some of the most relevant guides and resources that can help with the transition. The guides below are published by Instructure, and they provide general support for the most common processes regarding the creation and migration of New Quizzes.

Play Video
Create a New Quiz
Migrate to New Quizzes
Manage Your Settings
Create Item Banks
Add Accommodations
View Reports

More Instructure Resources

In addition to live workshops, self-paced courses on New Quizzes topics are available through the Instructure Training Services Portal, which can be accessed through the Help icon on your Canvas dashboard. Be sure to check back often for even more!

CIRT Training & Events

A wide array of training opportunities are available through both CIRT and Instructure directly. As live sessions become available, links to session information and registration will be updated on this page as well as on the CIRT Events Calendar. 📅

New Quizzes Playlist

CIRT has created a series of short video tutorials to highlight some of the most popular New Quizzes. These video tutorials can be found on our New Quizzes playlist on CIRT’s YouTube channel, or by clicking items in the carousel below.

CIRT Support

CIRT offers both Migration Consultations and Migration Services for faculty who want to transition to new quizzes. Below you can learn the difference between each service. 

Migration Consultation (Recommended)

If you choose a Migration Consultation, a member of the Online Learning Team will work with you to access the status of your Classic Quizzes and the migration difficulty. Depending on the complexity of the migration and whether or not you are making use of LTIs in the quiz environment, we may need to engage with third-party tool representatives or a member or the CIRT Instructional Design team. By working closely with us, faculty will not only be sure that their quizzes are migrated correctly, but will learn the ins and outs of New Quizzes throughout the consultation(s).

To request a Migration Consultation, simply email us at or call at (904) 620-3927. 

Migration Services

Migration Services are available for faculty who feel comfortable with the new engine but simply don’t have the time to migrate the full scope of the previous quizzes into the new engine. This service will be available until mid-Summer 2025. To request migration services, simply email us at or call at (904) 620-3927.

Recently Updated Support Docs

CIRT maintains the following New Quizzes-related support documentation. Items on this list are subject to be updated frequently as adoption of New Quizzes broadens, product updates are deployed, and support processes are refined.

New Quizzes / Points & Scoring
In New Quizzes, instructors can assign point values to individual questions within a quiz in addition...
New Quizzes / Migration
Support article on how to migrate from Canvas Classic Quizzes to New Quizzes.

Frequently Asked Questions

While Classic Quizzes and New Quizzes share many of the same features, the tools function differently and use different approaches to aid in quiz development. The most notable difference between Classic and New is that New Quizzes is really a Canvas External Tool Assignment. That means all of the functionality and limitations of Canvas Assignments apply to New Quizzes; however, a New Quiz still appears in Canvas within the Quizzes tab. Instructors still have access to most of the features they may be used to employing with a Classic Quiz, as well as a host of new features like additional question types and moderation options.

Instructure maintains a comparison document that lists all of the features of both Classic and New Quizzes side-by-side.

New Quizzes is Canvas’ new assessment engine which will eventually replace Classic Quizzes. And while Instructure has not indicated when Classic Quizzes will be officially retired from Canvas, CIRT has decided to be proactive and help faculty transition toward New Quizzes now. This will provide plenty of time for everyone to make the necessary adjustments well before Instructure forces the change.

Tentatively, CIRT has scheduled the retirement of Classic Quizzes for Fall 2025. CIRT will work with faculty to maximize our adoption and  satisfaction rates with New Quizzes before sunsetting Classic Quizzes. Additionally, CIRT plans to fully communicate our transition progress, adoption rates, and any news through our New Quizzes Hub and New Quizzes Insider newsletter so that nobody is caught unaware.

While New Quizzes is currently available for some proctoring tools like Honorlock, it does not yet work for LockDown Browser and Respondus Monitor (Repondus is working on it). 

Yes! We have a dedicated team of support staff who will assist faculty in migrating their Classic Quizzes to New Quizzes. Refer to the migration support information above.

As Instructure explains, this is done by design. The points possible set on the assignment details page is the total points possible for the quiz. Points set per question determine points earned for correct answers. Points earned for correct answers are totaled and divided by the sum of the total question points for the quiz. That percentage is then used to calculate the final score based on the total points set on the assignment details page. We have a dedicated support article that explains this in more detail!

Question banks are no longer hidden deep within the Quizzes menu. Instead, question banks are accessible from their own hyperlink within a Canvas course’s navigation menu. Question Banks have now become Item Banks

With the launch of New Quizzes, Surveys have been officially retired as a quiz-type option. All Survey quizzes – whether graded or ungraded – are migrated as New Quizzes with defaulted points attached.

However, there is a work-around. With New Quizzes, you can set the assessment to not count towards the final grade. Once enabled, this feature will make the assignment ungraded, despite the fact points will appear. It can, therefore, function similarly to an ungraded Survey.

Alternately, you may elect to use 3rd party survey platforms like Qualtrics or Microsoft Forms, both of which are free and available to UNF Faculty and Staff.

Currently, there is not a direct way to revert a quiz back to Classic Quizzes once it has been migrated to New Quizzes. However, faculty can reach out to CIRT (, and we will be happy to consult on the best course of action.

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