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Honorlock / Copying Quizzes

Important Note

Honorlock has been disabled in courses that took place prior to Fall 2021. Any instructor who needs to retrieve data from Honorlock sessions that took place during previous semesters can reach out to CIRT at cirtlab@unf.edu.


Honorlock is available to be used with Distance Learning (DL) courses. Instructors of DL courses who wish to use Honorlock for proctoring can email cirtlab@unf.edu to submit a request to have Honorlock installed in their courses. Instructors using Honorlock can refer to the Honorlock Information for Instructors webpage for additional information about using the service.

Copying Forward Quizzes that Used Honorlock Prior to Fall 2021

If Honorlock is no longer being used, Canvas quizzes that were previously enabled with Honorlock and have been copied forward to a new course will need to have some settings adjusted.

🗸 Step 1: Review the quiz title and directions. Edit language to remove references to Honorlock as needed.

🗸 Step 2: Delete the prompt to check for the Honorlock extension from the quiz instructions text box. This prompt can be deleted just like regular text by placing the cursor on the line above the prompt and pressing the Delete key on the keyboard.

🗸 Step 3: Remove or change the access code. The access code checkbox can be deselected to remove the access code requirement, or instructors can delete the existing access code and enter customized text.

🗸 Step 4: Review quiz questions. Remove any questions that may be related to Honorlock specific tasks – such as showing scratch paper to the camera.

🗸 Step 5: Click the Save button to save all changes.

Tutorial Video: Editing Canvas Quiz Settings to Remove Honorlock

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