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Canvas / Extending Student Access


Enrolled students retain access to their Canvas shells for 14 days after the course closes in Banner. However, there may be an occasional need for a student be able to access a course that has been closed beyond 14 days. This article describes a process for extending certain student access without making the Canvas course available to others.

Create a New Course Section

Changing the term or start/end dates in a Canvas course will apply to all students in a course. For this reason, it is undesirable to change these dates when extending access for just one student. Instead, you will want to create a new section in the course (via the Settings link in the course menu) and title it “Extended Access.”

Adjust Start/End Dates for the New Section

By default, newly created sections inherit course dates that are set for the whole course. If a whole course does not include specific dates, the new section dates default to the whole course’s term dates.

However, you can change the start and end dates for a course section. By changing the start/end dates of the newly created section, you can be sure that only those students in that section will have access to course materials.

Assignment dates for students with extended access will need to be adjusted as well. This can be done by using the “Assign To” feature within Canvas Assignments and Quizzes to edit the assignment dates for individual students or sections.

Add Students to the New Section

Students can be enrolled in multiple sections at once. Whichever students need extended access should remain in their original section but also be added to the newly created “Extended Access” section. Once you have added sections to your course, you can add users to sections from the People page in your course.

If the student is no longer appearing in their original section, we ask that the requesting instructor fill out the Manual Student Enrollment Request form, and CIRT will assist with the process.


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