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Canvas Credentials / Issuing Badges


Canvas Credentials/Badgr Pro is UNF’s official badging platform and used for digital badges issued by the University and its colleges. Digital badges are secure and validated indicators of competencies that enable employers and others to verify the accomplishment that the digital badge represents. For more information about UNF’s Digital Badging Initiative, visit the Digital Badge Development website. Access to Canvas Credentials/Badgr Pro is provided upon approval of a digital badge proposal. Contact badging@unf.edu for additional information.

Processes for Issuers

Once a badging proposal is approved, the organizational unit that offers the badge will be added as an Issuer to UNF’s Canvas Credentials organizational account. Issuer staff will be granted access to the Issuer profile to view badge information and award badges. The process undertaken to issue earned badges may vary depending on the type of badge being awarded, badge criteria completion verification method, and whether the badge can be manually or automatically awarded.

Awarding Badges Manually

Badges can be awarded manually through the Issuer profile within the UNF Canvas Credentials platform. Issuer staff have the ability to award badges to individuals or in bulk. When awarding badges manually, Issuer staff must first verify that all completion requirements have been met, and that all badge earner information is accurate. The Canvas Guides linked below provide specific steps for manually awarding badges.

Awarding Badges Automatically

Badges can be configured to be awarded automatically through Canvas. This is achieved by  creating Pathways through which learners are awarded badges when they’ve met certain milestones. 


Canvas Credentials Pathways allows users to stack Open Badges, like stepping stones, into learning pathways to map out a curriculum. This provides administrators the ability to easily track group and individual progress across coursework, training series and programs. Learning pathways may contain and culminate in milestone badges that are automatically awarded when lower branches of the pathway are fulfilled. Pathways can be very simple, with only a few badged items to very complex with multiple branches, optional requirements and badges from different organizations and/or issuers. Read more about Pathways in the Canvas Guides linked below.

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