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WebCheckout / Reserving Equipment


WebCheckout is CIRT’s equipment reservation and checkout system. From this site you can reserve equipment you would like to check out from CIRT, see what equipment is available, what equipment you have reserved, and what you already have checked out under your name.

Please watch the video tutorial below or read through the following instructions on how to use the WebCheckout Patron Portal.

WebCheckout Video Tutorial

Logging In

Navigate to the WebCheckout Patron Portal and log in with your UNF credentials. You may be required to authenticate with DUO two-factor authentication.

Making a Reservation

STEP 01: Select “CIRT” from the list of available checkout centers.

Choose checkout center. CIRT

STEP 02: When you enter the checkout center, you will see a welcome message. Please read this message and then choose the “close” option to access the equipment dashboard.

STEP 03: Double click on the image of the CIRT logo to open our list of equipment categories.

STEP 04: Use the blue arrows on either side of the screen to scroll through the available options and select the equipment you want to reserve. Our equipment is organized by categories and subcategories. For example, if you select “Laptops” you will be shown three types of laptops to choose from.

Note: a resource type is the category of equipment (i.e. camcorder) while a resource name refers to a specific singular piece of equipment or model of equipment (i.e. GoPro Hero 3).

Patron Portal equipment categories

STEP 05: Once you have selected the piece of equipment you would like to reserve, click the option “Reserve one of this Type.” This will add the item to your cart. If you would like to reserve more than one item, continue choosing equipment and adding them to your cart with the “Reserve one of this Type” button.

reserve one of this type

STEP 06: When you are done choosing equipment, click on the cart icon in the top right to open your cart and choose the “Create Reservation” option.

Cart. Resources. Create Reservation.

STEP 07: You will be asked to fill in the reservation details:

  1. Date and time you would like to pick up the equipment. Please keep in mind that equipment can only be picked up during our checkout center hours. These hours are listed at the bottom of the details box.
  2. Duration of your checkout. The maximum length of a checkout is 14 days. Once you select how many days you would like to keep the equipment for, the return date will show underneath the duration box.
  3. Quantity. The maximum quantity for most items is one, however some items allow for multiples to be reserved (such as camcorders and tripods). If you try to reserve more than one when it is not allowed, you will receive an error message and you will not be able to reserve the equipment. To proceed with the reservation, you can reduce the quantity or contact CIRT to request multiples.
  4. Attachments and Event/Class Title can be left blank. These options are available for other checkout centers but do not need to be used for CIRT.
  5. You can leave a note for the checkout center if you would like. This note is helpful if you need the equipment prepared in any special way. For example, if you would like a laptop to have specific software pre-installed.
steps for completing reservation details

STEP 08: Once you are done editing the details of your reservation, click “Submit Reservation” and a confirmation message will show. You will receive an email to your UNF email address with details of your reservation. At this point you may close out of the page.

Managing Reservations and Checkouts

If you would like to view your current reservations/checkouts, previous reservations/checkouts, and any carts that you have saved for later you can do so on the My Account page. You can also modify or cancel any current reservations and copy any previous checkouts.

STEP 01: Select “CIRT” from the list of available checkout centers.

STEP 02: When you enter the checkout center, you will see a welcome message. Please read this message and then choose the “close” option to access the equipment dashboard.

STEP 03: Select the three lines in the top left and choose “My Account” from the drop down menu.

my account

STEP 04: From the My Account page, select any reservation/checkout to view the available options.

my account. my reservations. my current checkouts. history. my saved lists

STEP 05: If you open a current reservation you have the option to edit or cancel the reservation. If you select edit, you will be taken back to the original reservation details page.

view reservation. edit reservation. cancel reservation

STEP 06: If you open a previous checkout you have the option to copy that checkout. If you select this option, you will be brought back to the Patron Portal front page and the resources from that checkout will be added to your cart.

View checkout. Copy checkout.
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