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LinkedIn Learning / Getting Started


LinkedIn Learning is a leading online-learning platform that helps anyone learn business, software, technology, and creative skills to achieve personal and professional goals. UNF students, faculty and staff have access to the LinkedIn Learning video library of over 15,000 engaging, top-quality, on-demand courses taught by recognized industry experts. Members can also connect their LinkedIn Learning history to their LinkedIn account for a more personalized learning experience.


Note that it is not necessary to have a personal LinkedIn.com profile to access LinkedIn Learning content. However, if you do have a personal account, it is optional, and up to every user, to decide if the two should be connected. (See the differences between the two types of accounts below).

Signing Up for LinkedIn Learning

To get started with LinkedIn Learning, you will need to activate your account. CIRT and ITS recommend that you first log into LinkedIn Learning via this page on the UNF ITS website. 

Getting Started

Self-Enroll Course for UNF Instructors

The CIRT Instructional Design Team has created a self-enroll course for instructors looking to use LinkedIn Learning in their courses. The self-enroll course contains:

  • A sample student-facing information page about LinkedIn Learning
  • LinkedIn Learning sign-up instructions and technical support information
  • A sample LinkedIn Learning course embedded into a Canvas page
  • Instructions for how to link or embed a LinkedIn Learning course into Canvas
  • Sample LinkedIn Learning assignments (recommended structure)
  • Links to LinkedIn Learning faculty and student experience surveys

If you experience any technical issues with accessing LinkedIn Learning, please contact the CIRT Online Learning Support Team (cirtlab@unf.edu) for assistance. 

Differences from LinkedIn.com

LinkedIn Learning is owned by LinkedIn.com but the two platforms are unique:

  • LinkedIn.com is a social network that allows users to search for jobs, build a professional network, join like-minded or career groups, and reconnect with others (i.e., past co-workers, subject matter experts in your field, current co-workers, etc.).
  • LinkedIn Learning is an online educational platform to help you develop business, technology-related, and creative skills through expert-led courses and videos.

When you first log into LinkedIn Learning at UNF, you may be presented with the following screen, asking you whether you want to connect to the LinkedIn.com social network:

connect your LinkedIn account screen
connect your LinkedIn account screen

You do not have to have a LinkedIn.com account to use LinkedIn Learning through UNF (nor do you have to connect your personal LinkedIn.com account if you already have one). However, there are some advantages to connecting, such as the ability to easily share your courses to your network, personalized suggestions, and the ability to track popular courses within specific fields.

Embedding LinkedIn Learning in Canvas

The LinkedIn Learning Canvas integration allows instructors to seamlessly integrate LinkedIn Learning videos and courses into their Canvas assignments in an SSO environment. Instructors can then leverage Canvas to allow students to access LinkedIn Learning and create assessment activities in their courses. The External Tool option can be used to add LinkedIn Learning content to Assignments and Modules in Canvas. 

Adding LinkedIn Learning to a Canvas Assignment

Follow the steps below to use the External Tool feature in Canvas Assignment Submission Types:

  1. Create an Assignment in Canvas.
  2. Navigate to the Submission Type section of the Edit Assignment page. Within the drop-down menu, select External Tool.
  3. Click Find to open UNF’s library of External apps you can use in your courses.
Submission type, external tool. Click find.
  1. Inside of the Configure External Tool menu, search for the LinkedIn Learning 1.3 app (they are listed alphabetically).
  2. Once found, select the magnifying glass icon to open a Search window, which allows you to search for specific LinkedIn Learning courses.

Note: If an error message appears, it is possible that you have not signed into your LinkedIn Learning account.

4: LinkedIn Learning 1.3. 5: click magnifying glass icon
  1. Within the search window, locate your desired LinkedIn Learning Course.
  2. After you have located your LinkedIn Learning Course, click Add.
  3. Scroll to the very bottom of the screen and select Confirm.
6: search bar, 7: add, 8: confirm
  1. You will see that an SSO Hyperlink for LinkedIn Learning has been created and added to your Canvas Assignment.
  2. Finally, CIRT recommends that you select Load This Tool in a New Tab to ensure that the webpage launches correctly.
9: Enter of find an external tool link created. 10: load this tool in a new tab.

Note: The External Tool option can be used to add LinkedIn Learning content as a module item as well.

Adding LinkedIn Learning to a Canvas Page

You can also add LinkedIn Learning content as a link on a page in Canvas using the Rich Content Editor. This way, you can connect students with relevant LinkedIn Learning content as supplementary learning material or optional resources.

As an instructor, log into your LinkedIn Learning account, search for and select the content you would like students to view, and then grab the embed code. See screenshot below for how to locate the embed code (in the top right hand corner, circled in red).

LinkedIn Learning homepage with share button highlighted
  • A dropdown box will appear. You may either scroll down to Link in order to copy a clickable link to the course OR select Embed to copy and paste a code to direct embed the course inside a Canvas page.
  • To add a clickable hyperlink to a Canvas page, select Insert and then link. Copy and paste the link.
Canvas page editor, insert tab with Link option highlighted
  • To embed the code inside a Canvas page, select Insertin the rich content editor and then scroll down to Embed.
  • An Embed Code box will appear. Paste your code here and select Submit


CIRT’s Online Learning Support and Instructional Design Team can help faculty to navigate, embed, and troubleshoot LinkedIn Learning. We recommend bookmarking this page and checking back regularly as UNF proceeds with the LIL Pilot. We also recommend following our blog for updates concerning best practices and training. 

For questions or training, faculty should send an email to cirtlab@unf.edu or call CIRT at (904) 620-3927 (or use the chat bubble below). Students or Staff who need help with LinkedIn Learning should contact the UNF Help Desk

linkedin learning logo
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