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VoiceThread / Canvas Integration


VoiceThread is a collaborative, multimedia slide show that holds images, documents, and videos and allows people to navigate slides and leave comments in three ways: text, audio or video files (via a webcam). This support articles explains how to integrate VoiceThread assignments into Canvas.

Creating a Canvas Assignment

To create a graded assignment in VoiceThread, you’ll need to create a Canvas Assignment that uses an external tool as the submission type. To do this:

  1. Click +Assignment from the Assignments index page.
  2. From the Submission Type dropdown menu, select External Tool.
  3. Scroll down to select VoiceThread from the list.
  4. Configure the rest of the assignment settings as usual, and click Save.

Adding to Canvas Modules

To add VoiceThread to a Canvas Module, you will need to have a module created in Canvas and add an external tool as a module item. To do this:

  1. Click +Module from the Modules index page.
  2. Select the plus icon in the module header to add a new item.
  3. From the dropdown menu, select External Tool.
  4. Scroll down to select VoiceThread from the list.
  5. Click Add Item to save changes.

Complete the Activity Set-Up

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