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This Quickstart Guide is available for UNF instructors who are new to Top Hat and who may have questions regarding content migration, account setup, and Canvas integration. For more information on Top Hat, please see the app’s parent article.

Migration from Other Systems

Top Hat’s onboarding and migration team is available to anyone using any online platform outside of Top Hat (such as Echo360/TurningPoint, Socrative, Kahoot, or PollEverywhere). Please fill out this Participation Form to make use of this service.

As long as questions or presentations can be exported into a copy/paste format, they can be imported into Top Hat. Faculty can provide PDFs, Word Docs, Excel Spreadsheets, or any other copyable format for conversion into the Top Hat system. 

Most third-party student response systems come with export tools that allow users to download their content. The following links provide information about exporting content from some of the more commonly used response systems.

The Top Hat migration service is a joint offering from both CIRT and the Top Hat onboarding team. If you have questions about the service, please contact cirtlab@unf.edu. Turnaround time is typically two weeks.

Creating a Top Hat Account

UNF faculty and students are encouraged to create their accounts using Single Sign On with a UNF email address. Because the steps below could vary for new and returning users, we recommend reviewing Top Hat’s official documentation on SSO account creation.

  • Faculty should select “Educator”
Top Hat Sign up: are you an educator or a student? Educator box is highlighted.
Top Hat Sign up: are you an educator or a student? Educator box is highlighted.

Note that when accessing Top Hat from within Canvas, where the following fields will be filled in automatically using UNF Credentials.

  • Input a UNF email address
  • Choose University of North Florida as the school

Enabling Top Hat in Canvas

There are several ways to start using Top Hat in your course. You can activate the tool by adding Top Hat as an External Tool Assignment or Module item, or simply add it as a link on the Course navigation menu (see below).

  • From within Canvas, navigate to the course Settings.
  • Click the Navigation tab at the top of the settings page.
  • Find Top Hat on the list of available items and drag it to the top.
  • Scroll to the bottom and click Save.
steps to enable top hat in canvas course navigation menu

Setting up Your Top Hat Course

Top Hat Create Course screen

After your course has been created, choose from any of the listed content types to get started. If you get stuck, check out our blog posts that showcase specific Top Hat features.

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