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Canvas / Gradebook Current Score vs. Final Score


Canvas calculates both a Current Score and a Final Score. The Final Score is not visible to students and is only visible to the instructor when Grades are exported or from the Interactions Report. The Current Score is the same as the Total column visible in the Gradebook by default.

Current Score vs. Final Score

The Current Score, or running total, includes only graded assessments. The Final Score is the total of all graded and ungraded assessments. Generally the Final Score will be lower than the Current Score except when all grading is completed and all non-submitted assignments are set to 0, in which case the scores should be the same.

Things to note:

  • Ungraded assessments include upcoming assessments, assessments with no submission, and assessments that need grading.
  • By default the Total column displays the Current Score in the course Gradebook.
  • You can easily add zeroes to non-submitted assignments by setting a default grade of 0 for specific grade columns.
    • It is best to wait until after the due date and all submissions are graded before setting a default grade.
    • Do not select the option to Overwrite already-entered grades.
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