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Canvas / Term-Based Course Enrollment

Important Note

In order to better protect the privacy of registered students, instructors are not able to add student enrollments to term-based Canvas courses. Instructors who have a valid reason to add a non-registered student to a term-based Canvas course may request that a non-registered student be added to their course by completing the Manual Student Enrollment form.


Instructors of record and registered students are automatically enrolled in term-based Canvas courses via regularly scheduled Banner imports.

Student Information System (SIS) Import jobs (from Banner to Canvas) run every 4 hours beginning at 6:55 am, with a batch job running at midnight. The main difference between the hourly imports and the midnight batch import is that the hourly import is differential (applying differences to previous existing data). A batch job imports new data that may be non-existent in previous batches. 

This becomes important to keep in mind particularly at the start of a new term during the add/drop period. Students who enroll after the start of a term may see a slight delay in when they can access the Canvas course, which is due to the Banner import schedule. These students should not be added to courses manually, as they will be automatically added with the next batch update.

Student Enrollment

Changes to a student’s enrollment status should be done in the SIS. Any changes manually made to a student’s enrollment status in a Canvas course will be undone during the midnight batch enrollment update. This includes setting a student to Inactive or concluding the course for an individual student.

  • Students who withdraw from a course are set to Inactive. Inactive student data is still accessible for instructors to view activity and grade information.
  • Inactive students cannot access the course and do not receive course notifications.
  • Students who are dropped due to non-payment are removed from the course, but will be re-enrolled once fulfilling financial obligations.

Manual Student Enrollment Requests

Non-registered active UNF students cannot be added to term-based courses unless there is a valid and documented educational need. Occasionally, there may be circumstances that warrant manually adding a student to a course. Common scenarios include allowing formerly enrolled students access to finish an incomplete grade, or to allow a currently active student temporary access to participate in a specific and relevant lesson or topic.

In these cases, we ask that the requesting instructor fill out the Manual Student Enrollment Request form, and CIRT will assist with the process. Requests will be fulfilled within two business days and instructors will be notified upon completion. For guidance on valid reasons to add a non-enrolled student to a term-based course, please contact the University Registrar.

How to Enroll Users Into a Course

Enrolling Users Into a Course

Instructors may add additional users (not students) to Canvas courses. Users may be added in the roles of Teacher, TA, or Designer. Other users who are added to courses, such as course designers and teaching assistants, should be assigned the LMS role with the fewest privileges needed to complete their tasks. The image below identifies the permissions allowed for each of these roles. Instructors with questions or concerns should reach out to CIRT for further guidance.

Course Roles. One: student. Two: TA. Three: Teacher. Four: Designer
User Roles in Canvas

When adding users to courses, keep in mind that:

  • The added user will receive a course invitation that they must accept (via their Canvas Dashboard) before they can participate in the course.
  • It is recommended that users are added with an N-number email address rather than an email alias. 
  • Instructors cannot add students to term-based courses; students must officially register through Banner and will be automatically added.
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