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Online Proctoring

Important Note: The tools listed in this collection are licensed for use with Distance Learning (DL) courses only. For additional information and questions, please review the Distance Learning Exam and Online Proctoring Policies. Or contact CIRT at cirtlab@unf.edu or 904-620-3927.

About this Collection

Collections offer curated content for UNF professors on practices, platforms, or tools. CIRT collects information from our own Knowledge Base, from official support communities, and from other reputable sources in order to bring you the best in a single location.

This collection concerns options for online proctoring; specifically, this collection speaks to the best options for UNF instructors issuing exams at a distance.

Proctoring Solutions for DL Courses

The University of North Florida is committed to the academic integrity of its distance learning courses. Instructors may elect to use online or on ground proctoring options for exams in their DL courses in order to authenticate student identity and promote academic honesty.

Online proctoring allows students to take exams from any location using their computer’s webcam and internet connection. If you are interested in utilizing an online proctoring tool for your distance learning course assessments, or if you simply want to learn more, please contact cirtlab@unf.edu.

Proctoring Tools

UNF provides two options for online proctoring in distant learning courses. If you have any questions about how to integrate these tools into your course, please contact cirtlab@unf.edu.

Honorlock logo


Honorlock is an online proctoring service adopted for use with UNF Distance Learning courses. Honorlock provides identity verification, monitoring and recording of the testing environments, webcam and screencast recording, and useful reporting options.

Respondus Monitor

Respondus Monitor is an online proctoring component, built into Respondus LockDown Browser, adopted for use with UNF Distance Learning courses. Students cannot print, copy, access other applications, or search the internet during an online exam. Monitor provides webcam recording, AI flagging, and other useful options for exams taken at a distance.

Comparing Your Options

Both Honorlock and Respondus Monitor are online proctoring systems designed to ensure academic integrity during remote exams. They use similar methods to monitor students during the test, such as detecting suspicious behavior through audio and video recordings and browser lockdowns. Both tools also provide a range of features to prevent cheating, such as ID verification, facial recognition, and plagiarism detection. Overall, both Honorlock and Respondus Monitor provide deterrents that enable a secure testing environment for online assessments, giving instructors and institutions greater confidence in the validity of students performance.

This said, there are some significant differences between the two tools. While we can’t list every setting here, the chart below speaks to some of the most asked about differences.

Respondus Monitor
Requires Chrome Browser Extension
Works inside LockDown Browser
Limited Locked-Down Testing Environment
Full Locked-Down Testing Environment
Limited Browser Guard
Full Browser Guard
Live, In-Person Pop-Ins
No Live, In-Person Pop-Ins
Student Webcam Recording
Student Webcam Recording
Downloadable Recordings
Limited Downloadable Recordings
No Protection Against Virtual Machines
Protection Against Virtual Machines
Blocks Dual Monitors
Blocks Dual Monitors

When deciding between Honorlock and Respondus Monitor for online proctoring, it’s important to consider the specific needs and requirements of the exams being administered. CIRT also recommends visiting the respective pages for each tool on this Knowledge Base so that you can familiarize yourself with each tool’s affordances.

In addition to the above resources, please contact cirtlab@unf.edu if you have any questions about the differences between Honorlock and Respondus Monitor, and why you might want to choose one over the other.    

On Ground Proctoring

Scheduled Exams

UNF’s definition of distance learning allows for up to 8 hours of classroom contact in a 3 credit hour course. Instructors can choose to have the class meet only for exams if they work with their department to schedule space and advertise the planned meeting times in advance of course registration. For more information, see the Hybrid and Distance Learning Course Delivery page.

Department-Organized Testing

Instructors can make arrangements within their program or department to reserve space in campus computer labs for proctored testing for students who are able to attend campus.

Online Proctoring
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