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So long, Flip!

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A New Chapter for Flip

Recently, Flip, along with its parent company, Microsoft, announced a new change to its user interface. Many of the core Flip features will be moved into Microsoft Teams for Education. Because of this move, Flip will be retiring their website and mobile apps by September 30, 2024. Unfortunately, this means that the Canvas integration of Flip will no longer be functional within our LMS platform. 

Flip Alternatives

We understand that Flip has been a valuable tool for many of you in engaging your students, and CIRT wants to assure you that alternative options currently available to faculty can meet your needs.

Here are some platforms that can be used for similar purposes as Flip within your courses:

  • VoiceThread: Enables teachers and students to record comments on images, presentations, or documents, fostering rich discussions. VoiceThread is free to use and can integrate into your Canvas course.
  • Padlet: Creates interactive collaborative boards for brainstorming, sharing ideas, and presentations. Padlet has a free version for teachers to use; however, users are limited to 3 fully customizable Padlets and only 20 MB of storage. For teachers who need more, Padlet offers various, paid subscription rates.
  • Top Hat: Enables faculty to create an interactive classroom experience with polls, quizzes, and discussions, whether in person or online. While Top Hat Basic is free for faculty to utilize, any integration of Top Hat Pro at this time requires a learner-pay model where students must pay a small fee of either $30 per course or $96 for 4 years of access.
  • Yellowdig: A versatile platform that allows for integration into an LMS, including video discussions, text posts, polls, and collaborative activities. Currently, Yellowdig is a learner-pay model where students are required to pay a small fee of $9.95 per course.

CIRT is Here to Help!

CIRT is happy to assist you in exploring these or any other alternatives to find the best fit for your course. We offer workshops and consultations on these platforms, and our team can help you integrate them seamlessly into your Canvas course. Contact CIRT at cirtlab@unf.edu if you have any questions or require assistance transitioning from Flip to another platform. 

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