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Introducing Screen Capture in SpeedGrader

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Enhanced Feedback Dynamics

Did you know that you can record video feedback or send an audio/video file to individual students through the comments section of SpeedGrader? A recent Canvas release announced the debut of the Screen Capture feature through feedback comments in SpeedGrader. By integrating Screen Capture, you can now provide visual demonstrations and explanations alongside feedback videos, enriching the learning experience for students. Moreover, this update includes auto-captioning, further enhancing the accessibility and clarity of feedback.

Feature Workflow

To utilize the Screen Capture feature in SpeedGrader, simply navigate to the Studio Capture icon located under Assignment Comments.

select camera icon

A pop-up will appear where you can enable Screen Capture. Additionally, you can manage webcam settings via the Camera drop-down menu, ensuring a tailored recording experience.

select screen capture from dropdown

Once Screen Capture is enabled, you have the flexibility to choose between sharing a specific Chrome tab [1], a specific window [2], or their entire screen [3]. Following this selection, a click of the Share button [4] initiates the recording process, preceded by a brief 3-second countdown.

There will be an option to “stop sharing” or “finish recording” once the recording is complete.

finish recording button

Upon completion, you are presented with options to review, restart, or assign a file name before sharing the media with the individual student. Once the file is shared, both the instructor and the student will see the file in the comments section of the assignment.

Video in assignment comments feed

Additional Details

The following details should be noted as they may affect the user experience:

  • The recorded videos in SpeedGrader are exclusive to the assignments that the videos are submitted to, offering instructors a tailored solution for comprehensive feedback delivery. Recorded videos remain confined within the SpeedGrader interface and do not transfer to the course’s Canvas Studio library or the instructor’s Global Studio. This ensures that feedback remains focused and accessible within the context of individual student assessments, fostering a personalized learning experience.
  • Auto-captioning is automatically applied to the shared media once the processing is complete. Closed captions may not generate instantaneously, requiring some additional processing time before appearing in the videos.
  • The Speech Recognition (Speech-to-Text) option is only available in Chrome and Edge browsers at this time.

As always, CIRT’s Online Learning Support team is happy to consult with you to answer any questions you may have about Canvas or other teaching and learning tools. Simply email us at cirtlab@unf.edu, or schedule a consultation.

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