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Streamlined Navigation

The Discussions Redesign introduces enhancements to how instructors view replies in group discussions. Previously, instructors accessed group discussion replies by clicking on hyperlinks on the main discussion post page. In the redesigned interface, instructors will now need to click on a new menu icon (displayed in the image below) to view replies. This update aims to streamline the navigation process and improve the overall user experience without altering the fundamental aspects of group discussions.

click the people icon for a dropdown menu of all groups attached to a discussion post

Upon selecting a group, Canvas will open the corresponding group discussion page, as illustrated below. The redesign essentially directs users to the mini-Canvas pages generated when group sets are created. To remain within the discussion, it is recommended that instructors use the same button when wanting to navigate to another group to grade or read replies, because clicking the group from the drop-down menu under Select Group will redirect you out of the discussion page and into the main Group page for that specific mini group.

It is recommended that you utilize this button to navigate between groups on a discussion post, and not the dropdown menu under select group

No changes have been made to how groups appear in SpeedGrader for those who prefer using this method to read and grade group discussions. The interface and functionality remain consistent, ensuring that instructors can continue to efficiently assess student contributions within group discussions. This stability in the SpeedGrader experience allows for a seamless transition and maintains the familiar workflow that instructors rely on for evaluating group work.

Additional Information

Instructure offers a detailed support document: How do I create a group discussion in a course? (sub header: View Discussion in Discussion Redesign for relevant information)

As always, please reach out to CIRT (cirt@unf.edu) with any questions or concerns.

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