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Elevate Your Workflow with Microsoft Copilot

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Microsoft Copilot is an innovative tool that utilizes generative AI to assist educators and students with enhancing teaching, learning, and productivity. Since Copilot is freely available to everyone at UNF and it has built in commercial data protection, Information Technology Services (ITS) has identified Copilot as the only authorized AI digital assistant for use with UNF data. Here are some practical ideas for how faculty can use copilot.

  • Automate repetitive tasks: Use Copilot to automate routine administrative tasks, such as creating assignment templates or rubrics.

  • Content generation and drafting: Copilot is able to assist with drafting lecture notes, brainstorming topical ideas for research papers, and outlining course materials. It can also help create engaging blog posts, newsletters, announcements, or discussion prompts for students.

  • Collaboration and brainstorming: Copilot facilitates brainstorming sessions with colleagues or students. It generates diverse perspectives and innovative solutions. It assists collaborative research by suggesting relevant literature or experimental designs.

  • Providing feedback: Copilot can support personalized learning by helping you create content, tailored feedback, and guidance for students based on their individual needs and learning styles. Copilot can help you draft initial feedback ideas for student work, which you can edit and personalize for your students.

Remember that while Copilot is a powerful tool, it’s essential to maintain critical thinking and verify information. Professors and students should use it as a supportive resource alongside traditional teaching methods. 

Additional Resources

In partnership with Microsoft, UNF has curated a handful of training and support resources to help faculty become familiar with Copilot.

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