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Ditch the Textbook Blues: Top Hat ACE Turns Lectures into Conversations

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Introducing Top Hat’s new AI powered assistant, designed to create better teaching and learning experiences for both educators and students – ACE.

Top Hat Ace makes it faster and easier than ever for faculty to integrate low stakes formative assessments into their courses. With the click of a button inside of Top Hat Questions, instructors can generate questions based on slides they imported from PowerPoint or created in Top Hat pages. AI-generated question content can be added directly to the page, or teachers can click on the edit button and change any part of the question to ensure that it is an ideal fit for their assignment, saving time while retaining complete control over their course material. AI powered questions is also available in Top Hat textbooks.

For students, Top Hat Ace gives studying an AI-powered boost by providing students with help when and where they need it. Students can access Ace from Top Hat pages only, and Top Hat Ace functions like a chat bot where students start a conversation with the AI. Student chats with Ace are private, and they will not be visible to instructors or other classmates. So, when they are stuck on materials outside of the class, students can ask Ace a question about what they are learning, and Ace will provide a relevant response that is built from the context of the course material being studied. Students can also utilize Ace to break down difficult concepts, provide examples, and/or test their knowledge of the learning material without ever having to leave Top Hat.

If an instructor does not wish for their students to interact with Top Hat Ace, they can disable the feature inside their Advanced Course Settings by unchecking the “Enable Ace” option. Unchecking this option will disable the feature for students only, but instructors will still be able to try out the feature at any time.

By turning coursework into a conversation, Ace invites students to engage more deeply with content and inspire them to work with confidence. For faculty, Ace can help with course prep by generating questions based on course content they have in Top Hat. Overall, Top Hat Ace AI aims to make teaching and learning more effective and efficient. It’s still under development, but it has the potential to significantly impact higher education. As always, CIRT is available to answer questions or provide additional information. Feel free to reach out or stop by our offices and continue the Top Hat conversation!

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