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Introducing Canvas Studio Capture

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Note: This article highlights a recently updated feature in Canvas Studio. For those using Chrome or Edge browsers, the options shown under the Create button within Canvas Studio have been renamed. However, the basic functionality remains the same. Selecting the option called “Screencast-o-Matic” (previously, this option was called “Screen Capture”) allows users to open the recording software.

Studio Global Navigation Redesign

In the May 6, 2024 Canvas Studio update, Global Studio interface is redesigned to be more consistent with Instructure and Canvas design. This update helps align aesthetics and workflows between Instructure products.

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Canvas Studio Capture Overview

Recently, Instructure has made changes to how users access and navigate Canvas Studio. As explained in the February 2024 Studio release notes, the Canvas Studio Capture option now provides users with a native screen capture recording experience. This browser-based solution allows users to create content quickly and smoothly, while also eliminating the need to download and install a separate screen capture product.

Currently, the new Canvas Studio Capture feature is currently only supported on Chrome and Edge browsers. Users who use other browsers (such as Firefox or Safari) will continue to see the classic options (called Screen Capture and Webcam Capture) under the Create button within Canvas Studio. 

The image below highlights the differences and shows which browsers will see which verbiage.

Chrome-Edge-Brave-Duck Duck go will see Studio Capture; Firefox-Safari-Opera will see Screen Capture

User Interface Updates

Chrome and Edge users will see a change concerning their option to create media content recordings in Canvas Studio. Record options are updated to include Studio Capture and Screencast-o-Matic. The Studio Capture option allows users to capture screen recordings within their browser.

What is Studio Capture?

Studio Capture is a retooling of the webcam recording option within Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome. When selected, Studio Capture prompts users to either record a webcam video or record only the user’s audio, allowing users to perform these recording functions directly through the browser rather than having to download a secondary piece of software. Users can also screen record through Studio Capture, though it should be noted that this option is still in Beta and is disabled by default. However, it can be enabled with just a few clicks.

Screenshot of screen capture beta option being enabled

What is Screencast-o-Matic?

Screencast-o-Matic is a separate recording application, and it happens to be the traditional screen recording option that long-time Canvas Studio users are accustomed to. When this option is selected, the application overlays the recording controls on the user’s screen. If the Screencast-o-Matic software has not already been installed, the user will be prompted to download the program first and then launch the program. 

Need More Support?

For step-by-step guidance on using the new Studio Capture option, you can refer to the official Canvas Guides. As always, CIRT’s Online Learning Support team is happy to consult with you to answer any questions you may have about Canvas or other teaching and learning tools. Simply email us at cirtlab@unf.edu, or schedule a consultation.

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