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Sunsetting Badgr Free

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With the launch of UNF’s Digital Badging Initiative, Canvas Credentials / Badgr Pro will be installed in Canvas to support university-wide badging.

Consequently, the Canvas Basic Badges/Badgr Free Canvas integration will be removed from all course shells which previously used this tool.

Transitioning Away from Badgr Free

--- Adopting Badgr Pro

At the University of North Florida (UNF), we’re dedicated to providing the best and most innovative learning experiences for both faculty and students. As part of our commitment to innovation, we’re excited to announce the launch of UNF’s Digital Badging Initiative – ultimately contributing to the achievement of the following goals:

  • Enhance competitiveness of UNF graduates entering the workforce.
  • Provide opportunities to all learners for upskilling and reskilling.
  • Respond quickly to workforce needs.
  • Strengthen industry partner relationships through strategic engagement.
  • Leverage badging initiative to increase UNF’s profile.

This initiative marks a significant step forward in recognizing and validating student achievements beyond traditional transcripts. However, as with any transition, there will be changes and outcomes that warrant careful consideration and adaptation.

As part of this initiative specifically, UNF will be discontinuing the use of the free version of Badgr (now called Canvas Badges Basic) within Canvas. We will also be uninstalling any free versions of the Badgr LTI previously installed in any/all Canvas course shells.


--- A Unified Approach

The decision to remove Badgr Free stems from our aspiration to provide a more comprehensive and integrated badging system through the professional version of Canvas Credentials/Badgr. By concentrating on a single platform to manage and award badges, we aim to streamline the badging process, offering a more unified and user-friendly experience for both instructors and students.

This shift allows us to harness the full potential of Canvas Credentials/Badgr Pro, empowering us to create a centralized ecosystem for badge creation, management, and recognition.

Consolidating our badging infrastructure also ensures consistency and reliability in badge issuance and validation. It centralizes the administrative aspects, simplifying the process for instructors and UNF support staff while ensuring a seamless experience for students as they earn and showcase their achievements.

While the decision to retire Badgr Free may present an initial adjustment period for instructors accustomed to its usage, this transition is a proactive step toward enhancing the badging experience within our academic community. We recognize that change requires support, and we are committed to providing instructors with the necessary guidance and resources to smoothly transition away from Badgr Free.

Questions & Answers

Will Old Badges Disappear?

While the removal of the Badgr Free LTI from all Canvas courses might prompt concerns about student access to previously earned badges, it’s crucial to reassure students that their badges and achievements remain accessible. Even though the integration within Canvas will be discontinued, students can seamlessly retain access to their badges by visiting the Badgr website directly.

The Badgr platform serves as a centralized repository for all earned badges, ensuring that students can conveniently view, showcase, and leverage their accomplishments beyond the confines of the Canvas environment. This accessibility ensures that the value and recognition attached to their badges persist, providing students with continued ownership and control over their achievements.

How Will Old Courses Be Affected?

The removal of the Badgr Free LTI from older courses within Canvas might impact the visibility and functionality of free badges previously integrated into assignments or linked content. This change could result in broken links or instances where badges previously awarded or displayed within course materials are no longer visible.

Instructors and students navigating these older courses might encounter missing badge images or broken badge-related functionalities due to the removal of the Badgr Free integration. However, despite these potential disruptions, the actual earned badges themselves remain intact and accessible through the Badgr platform directly, ensuring that the achievements are preserved even if their visibility within the Canvas courses is affected.

Support for UNF Instructors

The Center for Instruction and Research Technology (CIRT) is committed to providing comprehensive support to instructors navigating the transition away from Badgr Free, though we will no longer be supporting Badgr Free moving forward.

If you have any questions about the transition away from Badgr Free or would like more information on alternate engagement or motivational tools that can be used in your classroom, email us at cirtlab@unf.edu.  

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