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New in Canvas: Recurring Events

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Canvas now offers an option to add recurring events using the Canvas Calendar. Whether you want to schedule a repeating daily event, weekly event, or even a monthly event, there is a way to do it now through the Canvas Calendar. This new feature can help you stay more organized with the types of events you would like to have for each of your courses without having to re-create a similar event every time.

“Frequency” Drop Down Menu

When you create or edit an event, you should see the “Frequency” drop down menu. This is where you can adjust how you would like the event to recur. You can have up to a maximum of 400 occurrences.

Canvas Calendar Edit Event window.

The default selections in the drop down menu are as follows:

  • daily = 365 (days in a year)
  • weekly = 52 (weeks in a year)
  • monthly = 12 (months in a year)
  • annually = 5 (The event will occur for five years)
  • every weekday = 52 * 5 (weeks in a year *weekdays)

You can also select the custom option if you prefer to adjust the occurrences manually.

If you need to make any changes to a recurring event, you can easily modify the changes accordingly by clicking on any one of the scheduled events to get the option to either “edit” or “delete” the event. This will also give you the option to either edit or delete just the recurring event of a specific day or the whole series.

Canvas Calendar edit screen; confirm changes
Canvas Calendar edit screen; confirm deletion

As always, for assistance with this or any Canvas feature, UNF faculty can reach out to CIRT (cirtlab@unf.edu) for personalized support.

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