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Top 3 Time-Saving Canvas Tools

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Canvas offers a plethora of tools that instructors can leverage to streamline their workflows and save valuable time. Whether you’re managing assignments, grading, or communicating with students, these tools can enhance efficiency and provide a more engaging learning experience for students. Here are the top five three ways instructors can manage their time with Canvas.

Assignment Automations

Utilize features like assignment due date settings, automatic grade calculations, and rubrics to streamline the assignment process. By setting clear expectations and automating grading components, instructors can focus more on providing valuable feedback rather than spending time on administrative tasks.


The SpeedGrader tool simplifies the grading process by centralizing all student submissions and assessment materials. Instructors can annotate directly on assignments, provide comments, and even record audio or video feedback. This tool ensures consistent and efficient grading, allowing instructors to quickly evaluate and engage with student work.

Announcements and Communication

Canvas facilitates effective communication with students through announcements and messaging features. Instructors can post important updates, reminders, or clarifications, reaching all students simultaneously. By providing a centralized platform for communication, instructors can avoid repeated explanations and ensure everyone is on the same page.

Incorporating these Canvas tools into your workflow can significantly help you to manage your time efficiently and redirect your focus toward more personalized teaching and valuable interactions with your students. Embracing these tools not only saves time but also contributes to a more enriching and effective educational experience for both educators and learners alike. As always, CIRT staff are available and happy to chat with you about Canvas feature implementation. Reach out to the Online Learning Support team by emailing cirtlab@unf.edu with questions or schedule a consultation on our Bookings page.

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