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Unlock the Power of Microsoft Bookings

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Microsoft Bookings and ‘Bookings with me’ are online scheduling tools designed to streamline the process of scheduling face-to-face and virtual meetings for students, faculty, staff, and even external individuals. Whether you’re seeking to arrange academic consultations, set up office hours, or coordinate meetings, Microsoft Bookings and ‘Bookings with me’ offer user-friendly solutions to meet your scheduling needs. These highly adaptable platforms seamlessly integrate with Microsoft Office calendars, enabling users to identify available time slots and effortlessly prevent double-booking mishaps.

So, what is the difference?

‘Bookings with me’ works only with your personal calendar and is intended for scheduling meeting times with individual users.

On the other hand, Microsoft Bookings is designed for team or departmental use and is intended for managing scheduling meeting times for a group of people.

Get Started with ‘Bookings with me’

This personal scheduling page lets people see your availability synced with Microsoft Office calendar and book a time with you.

  • Get started by visiting https://outlook.office.com/bookwithme. Log in using your n-number@unf.edu (or UNF) email address and myWings password.
  • Users will be prompted to add their information to use ‘Bookings with me.’
  • You can create meeting types for various purposes and name them accordingly. To get started, you can just make a simple public meeting.
  • Click the plus sign within the Public meeting pane to create a meeting type.

Using ‘Bookings with me’

  • In the first field of your displayed public meeting page, you will add a Title like 1-on-1 meeting, test prep consult, or a creative name to describe the type of meetings you will be hosting.
  • To proceed with ‘Bookings with me’ setup, simply click Save to return to your dashboard page. You can also explore and customize your meeting, including
    • Location
    • Duration
    • Email notifications
    • Availability settings

Note: Only on initial use some processing time will be necessary to complete the creation of your ‘Bookings with me’ page.

Get Started with Bookings

  • Get started by visiting portal.office.com. Log in using your n-number@unf.edu (or UNF) email address and myWings password.
  • Once logged in, navigate to the app launcher menu on the upper left corner of the page, and you’ll find the Bookings app waiting for you.
  • Click “Get it now” on the Bookings landing page to kick-start your experience.

Using Bookings

  • Users will be prompted to add their information to start using Bookings. Here, you may enter your name, class name, or a creative name to describe the type of meetings you will be hosting.
  • Upon accessing the Bookings dashboard, take a moment to review your location details, availability schedule, and other pertinent information. The left-hand menu offers additional customization options, granting you greater control over your scheduling process, including:
    • Booking page access control
    • Consent for customer data usage
    • Scheduling policies
    • Email notifications
    • Staff management
    • Availability settings
  • The Services page empowers you to add or manage the services individuals choose when booking an appointment. This level of customization ensures that each booking aligns with the nature of the meeting.
  • After you’ve perfected your bookings settings, don’t forget to save and publish your Bookings page.

Once you’ve saved and published your Bookings or ‘Bookings with me’ calendar, they can be easily embedded in your Canvas course, shared within your syllabus, or emailed as a convenient link to students, faculty, staff, and even external individuals. To copy the embedded code, simply select the “Embed” option at the top of the page, and then paste the code wherever you’d like to share your calendar.

Unlock the power of Microsoft Bookings today and revolutionize how you schedule meetings and appointments!

For a deeper dive into Microsoft Bookings and all it can do, visit Microsoft’s official guides. As always, feel free to reach out to CIRT and schedule a personalized consultation on Microsoft Bookings, ‘Bookings with me’ or any other Microsoft-related topic.

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