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As you prepare for the upcoming semester, we wanted to take some time to outline our video production process using the CIRT Video Studio and the expertise of our creative team and instructional designers to help you create captivating videos.

1: Initial Consultation

Before venturing into the video production process, we encourage you to schedule a consultation with the Creative Team. Our team will work closely with you during this session to determine your needs. If you are developing and delivering distance learning courses at UNF, we encourage you to contact your instructional design liaison. Our instructional designers will collaborate closely with you to understand your course objectives, target audience, and recommend tools that can help you meet your instructional goals. This initial step establishes a solid foundation for the video production phases.

2: Pre-Production Planning

Once the objectives are defined, our creative team works with you to plan the video content, structure, and visual elements. Pre-production planning involves storyboarding and scripting, ensuring a logical flow and coherence in conveying complex ideas. We will help guide you as you leverage your expertise.

3: Studio Preparation

With the pre-production planning complete, you can utilize our dedicated video studio. The CIRT Video studio offers a range of features, including high-quality video recording, video podcast recording, a green screen for virtual backgrounds, and a unique lightboard for illustrating intricate problems. Our team assists in configuring the studio based on the specific needs of each faculty member. We highly encourage you to read our recent blog post “Creating Engaging Lecture Videos with Green Screen: A Guide for UNF Faculty” for best practices and guidelines to help you prepare for a successful recording session.

4: Filming and Production

During filming, you will take center stage as you present your content. Our team provides technical support, ensuring optimal audio and video quality. Multiple takes are encouraged to achieve a polished result. You will also have the option to use additional visual aids, such as slide decks or PowerPoint/Keynote presentations, to enhance engagement and clarify concepts.

5: Post-Production Editing

After filming, our team works to enhance the visual appeal and coherence of the videos. Post-production involves editing out any mistakes, improving audio quality, incorporating visuals, and adding appropriate transitions. You will also be encouraged to provide feedback and suggestions during this phase, ensuring that the final product aligns with your vision. Once the final video is approved, our team can assist in integrating the video content into your online course!

Creating engaging videos for online courses is a collaborative effort that involves the expertise of faculty members, instructional designers, and the creative team. We look forward to supporting you throughout your video production journey.

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