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Exciting Teaching Online Foundation Course (TOL) Updates

TOL Updates

The CIRT ID team is excited to unveil significant changes to our Teaching Online Foundation (TOL) course, aimed at enhancing the online teaching experience for our instructors and focusing on the core principles of effective online instruction. After careful consideration, we have developed a revamped curriculum that promises an improved and streamlined learning journey.

For the past sixteen years, since its inception in 2007, the original design of the TOL course has been successfully serving our community, with more than one thousand participants completing the program. However, this fall, we are introducing invigorating updates to the course.

Let’s explore four key changes in the refreshed TOL course:

#1 Inclusion for All

The course is now open to all instructors regardless of their academic rank whether full-time, part-time, or adjunct. This ensures that our UNF community is receiving the same comprehensive online teaching training.

#2 Condensed Timeline

The course duration is now 4 weeks long (not 7 or 9 weeks) and fully online with no mandatory live/synchronous meetings. This modification allows for greater flexibility and convenience in participating.

#3 Expanded Enrollment Opportunities

Starting in Spring 2024, we will offer two enrollment opportunities each semester providing additional scheduling options for busy instructors. However, note this fall we only have one offering.

#4 Incentives for Completion

As an appreciation for their dedication, all instructors who successfully complete the TOL course will receive a $2000 stipend and a certificate of completion, recognizing their commitment to enhancing their online teaching skills.

While the objectives of the course are very similar to its origins, the refreshed curriculum places a stronger emphasis on research-based strategies to support student engagement, explore online assessment options, foster instructor presence, ensure content accessibility, and enhance course facilitation.

How Do I Apply?

  • Part-time and adjunct instructors must contact their department chair to be nominated to participate.
  • Full-time instructors will apply directly by submitting a form.
  • If you have previously completed TOL, you are required to wait 5 years to register again.

This training is critical to our UNF online teaching community because most importantly we want to provide our students with the highest quality online learning experience and secondly, UNF’s DL policy (2.0450P) and our accreditors require it.

We are excited about these changes and hope you are too! Review our Faculty Development page for more information or feel free to contact Rozy Parlette at rozy.parlette@unf.edu or Jann Sutton at j.sutton@unf.edu.

Join us in shaping the future of online education at UNF!

Important Fall 2023 Deadlines

  • Applications Due: Friday, September 15
  • Course Starts: Monday, October 2
  • Course Ends: Sunday, October 29

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TOL Updates
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