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UNF Grade Transfer Tool

What is the UNF Grade Transfer Tool?

The Grade Transfer Tool was specifically developed by UNF to assist faculty with the process of transferring student grades from a Canvas course to myWings and submitting final grades through Banner Self-Service. The UNF Grade Transfer Tool is available from the course navigation menu in every Canvas course.


The Grade Transfer Tool:

  • Can transfer final grades for an entire course enrollment or selected students with one click.
  • Works with cross-listed courses.
  • Allows instructors to transfer student grades more than once. The most recent transfer is what will remain in myWings.
  • Allows instructors to submit the last day of attendance for students with a grade of F or I.
  • Allows for customized percentage scales within course grading schemes.

Note: Letter grades within customized grading schemes must correspond with letter grades that are accepted by Banner (A, A-, B+, B, B-, C+, C, D, F, X, P).

LMS Integration

The Grade Transfer Tool is already installed in every UNF Canvas course, and can be accessed through the course navigation menu. The Grade Transfer Tool will become operable when the window to submit final grades is open, and only the person listed as the Primary Instructor will be able to initiate the grade transfer. Refer to our support document for step-by-step instructions on using the tool. Faculty who require assistance or have questions can reach out to CIRT via email (cirtlab@unf.edu) or phone (904-620-3927).


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