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Scantron (Remark)

Looking for the Scantron booking page? Follow this link to book a self-service, CIRT-guided, or drop-off appointment. 

What is Scantron (Remark)?

Remark is computer software that works in conjunction with the Scantron OpScan 4ES machine housed in CIRT. The Remark system is designed for quick score scans that produce a variety of reporting and analysis options. Exams are scored and converted into reports, which can be exported to a comma delimited (CSV) file and then opened with Excel or uploaded to Canvas for posting.

From the Publisher

Remark software converts paper tests and survey responses into usable data. Remark’s robust recognition engine reads most common Scantron forms—scanned using Scantron OMR and imaging scanners—and transforms marks into usable data.


  • Eliminate manual data entry for tests and completed surveys.
  • Quickly analyze data using built-in reports.
  • Upload exported files to Canvas for posting.

Scantron Services

The OLS team at CIRT provides three types of Scantron services in order to support instructors with unique needs or schedules:  Self-Service, Scantron Assistance, and Drop-Off Services.


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Support Docs
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Supplementary to Scantron’s Official Training Resources, CIRT has created the following support documents related to this app: