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Scantron (Remark)

Looking for the Scantron booking page? Follow this link to book a Scantron service appointment. In addition to reserving a timeslot on our Bookings page, we ask that you fill out this Scantron Booking form so that we have all the information necessary to provide top-notch support.

What is Scantron (Remark)?

Scantron is a colloquial term best used to describe machine-readable paper forms on which students mark answers to multiple-choice test questions. These readable paper forms are then processed through an optical mark recognition and imaging scanner (OMR) that reads and provides quick analysis scores.

Remark is computer software that works in conjunction with the Scantron OpScan 4ES machine housed in CIRT. Exams are scored and converted into reports, which can be exported to an Excel file and/or CSV files that can be uploaded to Canvas for posting.


  • Eliminate manual data entry for tests and completed surveys.
  • Quickly analyze data using built-in reports.
  • Upload exported files to Canvas for posting.

Scantron Services

The OLS team at CIRT provides three types of Scantron services in order to support instructors with unique needs or schedules:  Self-Service, Scantron Assistance, and Drop-Off Services.

– – An Important Note About Our Scantron Drop-Off Service – – 

 All unscannable Scantron sheets (those written in pen; those that fail to indicate a test version [if there are multiple answer keys]; those with no student name or identification; those physically damaged and/or unable to scan) will be returned to the instructor unscanned. CIRT cannot garantee the veracity of student answers and all instructors are expected to review the returned results. Additionally, all scantrons must be accompanied by a Scantron Answer Key(s); CIRT will not accept paper answer key(s) nor will we transpose any paper answer key to a Scantron sheet.

Please refer to the Drop Off Services section of our Scantron (Optical Mark Recognition) collection for additional need-to-know information about this service.


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