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Respondus Monitor

Important Note: The Respondus Monitor proctoring feature is licensed strictly for use with Distance Learning (DL) courses. Do not use Respondus Monitor for Hybrid or F2F courses.
For additional information and questions concerning proctored exams or Respondus, please contact CIRT at cirtlab@unf.edu or 904-620-3927.

What is Respondus Monitor?

Respondus Monitor is a proctoring component that can be used with Respondus LockDown Browser, which is a custom browser that locks down the testing environment within a learning system. Students cannot print, copy, access other applications, or search the internet during an online exam. When Monitor is enabled within the LockDown Browser dashboard, students are required to use a webcam to record themselves during an online exam. Afterward, AI generated flagged events and proctoring reports are available to the instructor for further review.

From the Publisher

Respondus Monitor® is the leading remote proctoring solution for higher education. It allows students to take online assessments from a remote location – all while ensuring the integrity of the exam process.


  • Works with Windows, Mac, Chromebook, and iPad
  • Quick, one-time install of a full software program (not just a browser plug in)
  • 24/7 live chat support, help center and troubleshooting knowledge base 
  • WCAG 2.1 Level AA and Section 508 complaint and integration with leading assistive technology tools

LMS Integration

Respondus Monitor integrates seamlessly with Canvas. Students access exams within Canvas as they normally would. Instructors do everything within the learning system too, including the post-exam review of proctoring results.

Licensing Information

Respondus Monitor and Respondus LockDown Browser are two separate components that work together to create a full proctoring system. The Respondus Monitor piece is only licensed for use with Distance Learning (DL) courses. However, the LockDown Browser software can be used without the Monitor component and is available to all UNF courses.

For additional information and questions concerning proctored exams or Respondus, please contact CIRT at cirtlab@unf.edu or 904-620-3927.


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Support Docs
from CIRT

Supplementary to Respondus’ Official Support Center, CIRT has created the following support documents related to this app: 

Additional Resources

CIRT offers expertise, resources, and training to assist faculty in ways that enable them to develop greater capacities for using technology for teaching and research. Pursuant to this mission, we recommend the following resources related to this tool.

Syllabus Language

The following language should be included in your course syllabus:

This course will use Respondus Monitor proctoring for some exams. Monitor records the visual, audio, and desktop aspects of your exam, and you may be required to perform a room scan. You may also be required to perform an ID verification as part of the test taking process.

You will need a laptop or desktop computer, webcam, and microphone in order to use this tool. Lockdown Browser, available through Canvas, is the only compatible browser that works with Monitor.