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What is Redshelf?

RedShelf is a digital textbook provider that can be integrated into a Canvas course. Faculty and students can download the mobile app for external access from Canvas as well.

From the Publisher

Offering nearly one million digital titles, RedShelf has e-textbooks that students need but at a fraction of the price, and it offers a variety of online tools to improve student comprehension and facilitate study of the material.


By using Redshelf, students can:

  • Highlight and take notes on a digital platform and their notes are searchable for quick and easy access.
  • Define unfamiliar words. RedShelf has a Read Aloud function​​​​​​​ and can magnify display content.
  • Create flashcards from highlighted materials and build study guides.
    It also allows for collaboration between students on research projects or creating study groups.
  • Generate citations (APA, MLA, and Turabian/Chicago) for research papers and quick print capabilities.
  • Gain offline access through the mobile app.

LMS Integration

Redshelf is already installed university wide as a Canvas App and is available for all instructors inside the Canvas course. There is no installation required as it is an External Tool in Canvas.

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