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Lumen Learning

What is Lumen Learning?

Lumen Learning is an education technology company that provides open educational resources (OER) and support services to institutions and educators. Their mission is to increase student success and lower the cost of education by promoting the use of open educational resources.

From the Publisher

Lumen’s affordable course materials are designed to strengthen learning using open educational resources (OER). They provide high quality, interactive learning content, online homework, and personalized feedback to help them study and learn more effectively, with plenty of opportunities to engage students in active learning. We apply learning science principles and analyze learning data to identify where students struggle and make targeted improvements that strengthen learning.


  • OER Courseware: Lumen Learning offers a wide range of OER courseware that can be directly integrated into Canvas. These courseware options cover various subjects and are designed to provide a complete curriculum with interactive content, assessments, and learning activities. Instructors can select and customize the courseware to align with their teaching goals and objectives.
  • Customization and Adaptability: Lumen Learning’s materials within Canvas are highly customizable. Instructors can modify and adapt the resources to meet the specific needs of their courses, such as rearranging content, adding supplemental materials, or embedding multimedia elements. This flexibility allows instructors to create a personalized learning experience for their students.
  • Learning Analytics: Lumen Learning provides robust learning analytics capabilities within Canvas. Instructors can access data and insights about student engagement, progress, and performance, helping them identify areas where students may be struggling or excelling. These analytics enable instructors to make data-driven decisions and provide targeted support to enhance student outcomes.
  • Ongoing Support and Training: Lumen Learning offers comprehensive support and training resources to assist instructors in effectively using their materials within Canvas. They provide training webinars, documentation, and access to a support team to address any questions or concerns. This support ensures that instructors can maximize the benefits of Lumen Learning’s resources and effectively utilize them in their Canvas courses.

LMS Integration

Lumen Learning integrates smoothly with Canvas, allowing instructors to easily incorporate Lumen’s open educational resources and learning materials into their Canvas courses. This integration ensures a cohesive user experience for both instructors and students, eliminating the need for separate platforms or logins. 

Instructors who would like Lumen Learning installed in their Canvas courses should reach out to CIRT at cirtlab@unf.edu.

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