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What is InQuzitive?

InQuizitive is a formative, adaptive quizzing tool with gaming elements that supports select W.W. Norton textbooks.

From the Publisher

Inquizitive is an award-winning, easy-to-use adaptive learning tool. Students get a personalized experience, will retain key concepts, and come to class prepared.


  • Interactive Learning: Inquizitive offers an interactive learning experience by presenting students with a variety of questions, quizzes, and activities related to the course material. It engages students in active learning and helps reinforce their understanding of the subject matter.
  • Adaptive Assessment: Inquizitive utilizes adaptive assessment technology to tailor questions to each student’s knowledge level. It adapts to individual learning needs by providing targeted feedback and adjusting the difficulty of questions based on the student’s performance, allowing for personalized learning experiences.
  • Immediate Feedback: Inquizitive provides immediate feedback on students’ responses, allowing them to gauge their understanding of the content right away. This instant feedback helps students identify areas of weakness and provides opportunities for self-correction and improvement.
  • Mastery-Based Learning: Inquizitive supports mastery-based learning, which means that students are encouraged to achieve a deep understanding of the material before progressing further. It offers opportunities for repeated practice and reinforcement until students demonstrate a high level of mastery.
  • Analytics and Progress Tracking: Inquizitive includes robust analytics and progress tracking features for both students and instructors. Students can monitor their own progress, review their performance on different topics, and identify areas that require additional focus. Instructors can access detailed reports to evaluate student performance and identify areas of the curriculum that may need additional attention.

LMS Integration

InQuizitive is already installed university wide as a Canvas App and is available for all instructors inside the Canvas course. There is no installation required as it is an External Tool in Canvas.

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