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Elsevier Evolve

What is Elsevier Evolve?

Elsevier Evolve is an online learning platform designed for healthcare professionals and students. It offers a range of interactive and multimedia resources, including textbooks, e-books, case studies, quizzes, and virtual simulations, to enhance learning, critical thinking, and clinical decision-making skills in the healthcare field. 

From the Publisher

Elsevier’s comprehensive curriculum solutions provide the authoritative content, state-of-the-art technology, and insightful data you need to achieve positive program outcomes and prepare students for successful healthcare careers.


  • E-books and Digital Resources: Elsevier Evolve offers a vast collection of e-books and digital resources, including textbooks, reference materials, and study guides. These resources cover various healthcare and medical disciplines, allowing students to access relevant content conveniently.
  • Interactive Learning Activities: Evolve provides interactive learning activities such as quizzes, case studies, and self-assessment tools. These activities enable students to apply their knowledge, reinforce concepts, and gauge their understanding of the subject matter.
  • Online Courses and Curriculum Integration: The platform offers online courses and facilitates curriculum integration for educational institutions. Instructors can create and manage course materials, assignments, and assessments using Evolve, providing a centralized platform for both teaching and learning.
  • Collaborative Learning Tools: Elsevier Evolve includes collaborative learning tools that allow students and instructors to engage in discussions, share resources, and collaborate on projects. These tools foster a sense of community and encourage active participation among users.
  • Progress Tracking and Reporting: Evolve provides progress tracking and reporting features to monitor students’ performance and progress. Instructors can track individual and class-level performance, identify areas of improvement, and generate reports to assess student outcomes.

LMS Integration

Elsevier Evolve offers a Canvas integration, which allows users to access Elsevier Evolve resources directly from their Canvas course. The integration also offers the option to have both systems, Canvas and Elsevier Evolve, synchronize grades automatically, so that the Canvas gradebook gets updated when students complete assignments within Elsevier Evolve.

UNF has a campus-wide license, so any instructor may use the Elsevier Evolve Link in their course. The tool is already installed in Canvas and can only be used as an External Tool for Canvas Modules and Assignments.

In order to use the Elsevier Evolve Link inside of Canvas, faculty will need to create a faculty account.

Useful Links

Elsevier Evolve has an official support center with platform-specific helpful resources to include course creation and assignment management.


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