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Canvas Studio

What is Canvas Studio?

Canvas Studio’s interface lets students and instructors engage interactively with media content. Students can learn from each other’s insights as well as from the instructor’s direction and feedback.

Canvas Studio Accounts

Both instructors and students have access to Canvas Studio. Instructors can use Studio to embed engaging multimedia in course content, and they can monitor student interaction with the embedded content through insight reports, commenting features, and interactive quizzes. Students can use Studio to create media that can be submitted in the form of an assignment or as a response to a discussion board.

For instructors and students, Canvas Studio can be accessed from the global navigation menu. Instructors can also access Studio videos specific to a particular course from within the course navigation menu. Refer to Instructure’s article How do I access Canvas Studio? to learn more.


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Support Docs
from CIRT

Instructure has comprehensive support documentation for Studio, and CIRT has created the following specifically for UNF instructors: