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Visit the New Quizzes Hub to find news and updates on every step of the New Quizzes rollout, as well as support documentation and training materials that will help you dive in and make the switch from Classic to New Quizzes.

What is Canvas New Quizzes?

Canvas New Quizzes is powerful and flexible quizzing engine designed to increase learning, which offers a modern and intuitive new interface, designed to engage students with effective and accessible assessments. New Quizzes also brings a host of features and enhancements aimed at empowering faculty.

Features at a Glance
  • More Question Types – New Quizzes offers a wider variety of question types, including categorization, hot spot, ordering, and stimulus questions.

  • Streamlined Workflows – New Quizzes has been designed with a more user-friendly interface, intuitive navigation, and clearer organization. Faculty have greater flexibility in regard to moderating student assessments. Students can be allowed to retake assessments based on items they missed or only access materials they may have been unable to complete due to technical complications.

  • Enhanced Analytics – New Quizzes allow faculty to gain deeper insight into student learning with detailed reports and analytics that pinpoint strengths and areas of improvement for both the student and teacher to review. Additionally, faculty have the ability to link New Quizzes to Canvas Rubrics and/or Canvas Outcomes.

  • Improved Accessibility – New Quizzes provides an inclusive learning experience for all students with built-in accessibility features and support for assistive technologies.

  • Mobile-friendly Design – Students can take assessments on a cellphone or tablet more easily with Canvas New Quizzes.

Scope and Cost

New Quizzes is scoped at the institutional level and is available at no additional cost to all UNF faculty using Canvas. 

Canvas Integration

New Quizzes is technically and LTI, but rather than being external, it is provided by Instructure as a feature option. Faculty currently have the ability to choose to use either Classic or New Quizzes when creating an assessment.

Choose a Quiz Engine

Canvas New Quizzes is a “quiz engine;” meaning that New Quizzes is an application (LTI) that is embedded into Canvas Assignments that enables both the creation and management of questions. Since New Quizzes is an integrated application, it has a different look and feel. However, it maintains many of the same structures and features you have come to rely on with Classic Quizzes while also adding a variety of new bells and whistles.


There are no additional requirements for using New Quizzes apart from the general computer and browser requirements suggested to use Canvas itself. 

For best performance, Instructure products should be used on the current or previous major releases of Chrome, Firefox, Edge, or Safari. Because Instructure products are built using web standards, Instructure products run on Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, or any other device with a modern web browser.


New Quizzes, as suggested by the name, is quite “new” and is not yet in full parity with Classic Quizzes. Faculty are strongly encouraged to review CIRT’s New Quizzes Hub before transitioning to New Quizzes. The Hub contains updated information on the tool’s known limitations, video and step-by-step guides, as well as information on how CIRT can help faculty to migrate existing assessments to the new engine. 

The “newness” of the tool is also why support is rated B+ below.
Instructure releases regular updates to the tool that may prove challenging.

Support Report

The implementation of a grading system for CIRT support not only facilitates efficient resource allocation but also fosters transparency in our service delivery. By self-grading our support levels as A+, B+, and C+, we provide faculty with a transparent framework that outlines the expected level of assistance they can anticipate when reaching out for help.

A support grade of “B+” represents a strong level of assistance, with our team possessing a solid understanding of the application or integration. While not reaching the pinnacle of expertise, “B+” nevertheless indicates proficiency and competence in addressing a wide range of issues. CIRT’s internal documentation remains robust, and our team is well-equipped to troubleshoot various challenges. Although there may be instances when reaching out to the vendor becomes necessary for more complex issues, causing support delays, especially when we lack administrative access. Users of applications and/or integrations with a “B+” grade can usually expect comprehensive resolutions to their issues when such resolutions are possible.

CIRT Support Docs

Recognizing the unique needs of UNF instructors, CIRT has crafted the following support documentation, which has been designed to streamline and enhance your experience with this application and/or integration. 

External Resources

To further empower UNF instructors, we provide direct links to the vendor’s support material, ensuring you have access to official resources and expert guidance. Furthermore, we curate and share external support documentation discovered online that may offer valuable insights or alternative perspectives. Our commitment is to provide you with a holistic support experience, combining our internal expertise with external resources to empower you in navigating the intricacies of this application.

Contact CIRT

For UNF faculty seeking to deepen their understanding of this application, schedule personalized training sessions, or initiate the installation process, we encourage you to reach out to the Center for Instruction and Research Technology at cirtlab@unf.edu (904-620-3927).

Version: LTI 1.3
Scope: Canvas Institutional
CIRT Support: B+
Support Docs

CIRT has some support documents specifically related to this app: