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aPlus+ Attendance

What is aPlus+ Attendance?

aPlus+ Attendance brings tightly integrated manual or automated attendance features to Canvas. aPLus+ Attendance allows instructors to take attendance manually using custom statuses, automatically via Zoom integration, or by providing a secret code that students can enter on the Canvas website or app.

From the Publisher

aPlus+ Attendance offers the most comprehensive selection of attendance solutions on the market today. From ‘off the shelf’ to more complex integrated systems. All of our options can be configured to integrate seamlessly with your existing systems.


  • Instant reporting for instructors
  • Multiple options for assigning attendance points
  • Automated attendance options (including secret app codes)
  • Calendar flexibility
  • Zoom integration

LMS Integration

aPlus+ Attendance is available to all instructors in all courses, but it must be activated from the Canvas course navigation settings. As with any integration, CIRT recommends scheduling a consultation to discuss considerations and implications for aPlus+ Attendance before using it with your course.


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