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What is Ally?

Ally is an accessibility checker integrated into Canvas. This tool provides instructors with feedback on the accessibility of uploaded files and guidance to make those documents more accessible. This is gauged utilizing an accessibility score. Ally also automatically provides alternative formats for uploaded files, such as HTML, electronic Braille, and audio, which are available to both students and instructors. Ally is used to identify a baseline for the accessibility of courses, which allows UNF to continue providing a more inclusive learning environment for all students.

Features at a Glance
  • Receive feedback on the accessibility of your content.
  • Improve content accessibility with Ally’s step-by-step instructions.
  • Automatically generate alternative formats for course files.

Scope and Cost

Ally is a whitelisted integration and is scoped at the institutional level to all UNF courses in Canvas. As such, there is no cost to students or faculty. Ally is used by the Instructional Design Team at CIRT and the Coordinator of Accessibility who leverage the application to make various learning content accessible to students and for Quality Matters certification. 

Canvas Integration

Ally is installed as a Canvas LTI, and it is automatically available in all UNF courses. All image file types, various word documents, presentation slides, and pdfs are reviewed by Ally. File uploads receive an accessibility score, which is displayed as a gauge icon that is visible to faculty. When clicked, the gauges provide step-by-step suggestions that are designed to help faculty improve the accessibility of the files in question. 


Ally works across most browsers and devices, and it is recommended that users maintain the most up-to-date version of their preferred browser.


CIRT offers online training for Ally. This self-paced online course provides an overview of Ally and how to best utilize the tool. It will provide information on accessibility scores, how to improve them, and how to convert uploaded content to accessible formats. Self-enroll into the Ally course on Canvas for more information. 

Support Report

The implementation of a grading system for CIRT support not only facilitates efficient resource allocation but also fosters transparency in our service delivery. By self-grading our support levels as A+, B+, and C+, we provide faculty with a transparent framework that outlines the expected level of assistance they can anticipate when reaching out for help.

A support grade of “A+” represents the best of our assistance capabilities. This grade signifies that our team has extensive familiarity with the app and/or integration. We have excellent internal documentation, and our support team feels comfortable troubleshooting most issues without having to reach out to the vendor for assistance. Because a majority of issues are handled internally, users of applications and/or integrations with an “A+” grade can expect swift and comprehensive resolutions when possible.

CIRT Support Docs

Recognizing the unique needs of UNF instructors, CIRT has crafted the following support documentation, which has been designed to streamline and enhance your experience with this application and/or integration. 

External Resources

To further empower UNF instructors, we provide direct links to the vendor’s support material, ensuring you have access to official resources and expert guidance. Furthermore, we curate and share external support documentation discovered online that may offer valuable insights or alternative perspectives. Our commitment is to provide you with a holistic support experience, combining our internal expertise with external resources to empower you in navigating the intricacies of this application.

Contact CIRT

For UNF faculty seeking to deepen their understanding of this application, schedule personalized training sessions, or initiate the installation process, we encourage you to reach out to the Center for Instruction and Research Technology at cirtlab@unf.edu (904-620-3927).

Version: LTI 1.1
Scope: Canvas Institutional
CIRT Support: A+

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