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Honorlock is the online proctoring service adopted for use with Distance Learning courses.
Support Document
This support articles explains how to integrate VoiceThread assignments into Canvas.
Blog Post
Top Hat is a platform that allows you to gather attendance, deploy in-class polling, create interactive live-streamed lectures, secure exams for your students, and so much more.
Blog Post
In online and remote classrooms, the physical distance can make it seem daunting to hold students accountable for assigned tasks like reading the textbook or watching a video. What can instructors do to promote student accountability?
Blog Post
This blog post covers some of the very basics concerning Top Hat and its feature set.
Apps and Tools
Top Hat is a UNF supported online teaching/engagement platform that brings active learning into the classroom using tools that sit on top of Canvas.
Blog Post
The Microsoft Immersive Reader is a free tool compatible with your favorite apps, and it's already installed in Canvas for use by you and your students. It improves the reading experience by giving you the flexibility and support you need to focus on comprehension and grammar skills.
Apps and Tools
Perusall is an e-reader platform that centers student discussion around the reading of an electronic text.
Apps and Tools
Flip (formerly known as Flipgrid) is a tool that can facilitate simple video discussions, where students can post videos of themselves responding to an instructor’s prompt.
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