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Creating meaningful online assessments presents unique challenges for instructors who are used to teaching in face-to-face settings. It is possible to create practical, rigorous online assessments; however, special consideration must be given to alignment with learning outcomes, assessment type, technological feasibility, and academic integrity.
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Some language and icon updates have been made to the UNF Grade Transfer Tool to enhance the user experience.
Instructional Design
Instructors can employ rubrics to explain their evaluation methodology to students, and students can work effectively toward meeting the requirements of an assignment.
Apps and Tools
The Grade Transfer Tool was specifically developed by UNF to assist faculty with the process of transferring student grades from a Canvas course to myWings and submitting final grades through Banner Self-Service.
Apps and Tools
Remark is computer software that works in conjunction with the Scantron OpScan 4ES machine housed in CIRT.
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If you do a hefty amount of assignment grading in Canvas, consider using these options to help streamline your approach while enhancing the impartiality of your grading process.
Support Document
A guide for transferring student grades from a Canvas course to myWings and submitting final grades through Banner Self-Service.
The semester is coming to a close. UNF faculty can use this support collection to learn more about enrollment, extended access, grading and more.
Support Article
Canvas calculates both a Current Score and a Final Score. This article highlights the difference between the two and explains how to rectify discrepancies.
Via Scantron bookings, CIRT offers a variety of options for test scoring and results reporting.
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